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ROME, MAY 5th – NOVEMBER 4th, 2014.

The ISMA training project provides for a didactic section and a practical section, and will be basically realized in the “Area della Ricerca CNR di Roma – Montelibretti”. The didactic section will include both lessons and seminars. The practical section is divided into: Archaeological training programme, Involvement in projects, Guided tours, Coursework.
Executive Summary: Download here.

Plan of training and teaching staff

Panel 1: History and Historiography:

Introduction to the history of the Ancient Near East (Francesco Di Filippo); The Alphabet as innovation, in its Near Eastern context (Marco Bonechi); The Phoenician and Punic civilization: Religion and Identity of a Mediterranean people (Giuseppe Garbati); Insights into Hittite world (Silvia Alaura); The pre-classical Aegean civilizations in the Mediterranean Bronze Age (Lucia Alberti, with Seminars by Silvia Alaura, Maurizio Del Freo, and the kind participation of Luigi Piccardi); Bases of Mediterranean and European protohistory (Marco Bettelli, Andrea Di Renzoni); Topics of Italian proto-history. The development of cultural facies in the Italian Peninsula (Alessandra Piergrossi, with the kind participation of Marco Arizza and Jacopo Tabolli); Etruscan civilization and Italic archaeology (Enrico Benelli); Etruscan religion: beliefs and practices (Vincenzo Bellelli); Encountering Ancient Mediterranean polytheisms: a comparative approach (Sergio Ribichini, with the kind participation of invited Lecturers); Mediterranean interrelations in Late Antiquity – Module 1 (Carla Sfameni); History and Historiography (Andrea Ercolani).

Panel 2: Archaeology and Innovative Technologies:

Middle and Late Bronze Age in the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean: material culture and craft traditions (Silvana Di Paolo); The archaeology of cult in Ancient Mediterranean: between theoretical aspects and case-studies (Ida Oggiano, with the kind participation of Marianna Castiglione and Fabio Porzia); Egypt: an ancient Mediterranean crossroad (Giuseppina Capriotti Vittozzi, with the kind participation of invited Lecturers); Art and handicraft productions of the Etruscan-Italic world, in the context of the Ancient Mediterranean (Laura Ambrosini); Phoenician and Punic colonial structures in Sardinia: a case-study (Massimo Botto, with the kind participation of Federica Candelato, Andrea Roppa, Manuela Bonadies, Emanuele Madrigali, and Martina Zinni); Punic pottery workshop (Tatiana Pedrazzi); The archaeometallurgy in the Western Phoenician colonies (Lorenza Manfredi, with the kind participation of Fiammetta Susanna, Angela Celauro, Pasquale Merola, Daniela Ferro and Donatella Magri); Mediterranean interrelations in Late Antiquity – Module 2 (Carla Sfameni, with the kind participation of Patrizio Pensabene, Eleonora Gasparini and Francesca Colosi).

Panel 3: Theories and Methods in Archaeology and in Library Science:

History of archaeological research (Laura Ambrosini); Archaeology in the digital Age (Paola Moscati); Databases and automating catalogue of Cultural Heritage (Alessandra Caravale); Librarianship and bibliography (Diego Baldi, with the kind participation of Deborah Chatr Aryamontry and other invited Lecturers); Computer graphic (Marcello Bellisario, with the participation of technical staff of ISMA).

Committed staff

  • Project Manager and Contact Person: Sergio Ribichini.
  • Project Secretary and Contact Person: Annalisa Bonfatti.
  • Manager Assistants and Contact Persons: Lucia Alberti; Diego Baldi; Marco Bonechi, Giuseppe Garbati.
  • Advisory Board: the Director and the members of the Board of the Institute.
  • Administration Officer of the ISMA: Marialuisa Agostini (with the participation of Francesca Agostini and Davide Berti).
  • Webmaster: Salvatore Fiorino.


MOEZ ACHOUR, from Tunisia:

- Archaeologist and Historian, specialized at the Tunis University, Faculté des sciences humaines et sociales Tunis I.
- D.E.A. in Archaeology (2004), entitled « Lampes en terre cuite antiques de Borj Lahsar (Kerkenna) : typologie et chronologie ».
- I am preparing my PHD entitled « Etudes des lampes africaines (romaines et tardives ) en Tunisie ».
Present Position:
Curator at the National Heritage Institute (Institut National du Patrimoine) and Member of the team of the project « Carte archéologique de Tunisie ».
Past Positions:
Curator at the Site and Museum of Carthage.
Working / Management Experience:
- Participation at the survey of the island of Jerba and the excavation of the site of Meninx (Jerba) Tunisian-American mission at Jerba (1996-2000).
- Excavation at the site of “villas romaines” (2001-2002).
- Excavation of a columbarium at Gammarth (2001).
- Excavation near to the roman Circus of Carthage (2003-2004).
- Excavation at the Punic circular harbor of Carthage (2004).
- Participation on a survey in « Maalga »; Punic Harbors of Carthage, with a group of researchers of the Italian Center of Archaeological Research of Turin, May- June 2004.
- Excavation in the site of « Borj Lahsar » (Kerkenna) (2001-2004).
- Excavation at the site of AMMAEDARA HaĂŻdra, (2007-2010 and 2012).
- Member of the technical and scientific staff of the exibition « Legacy of Carthage », Japan.
- Excavation at Henchir el Koucha, Oued Zarga (BĂ©ja, may-august 2013).
Professional Address:
Institut National du Patrimoine
04 place du Château, Bab Mnara. Tunis, Tunisie



- BA. degree in Egyptology, 1997.
- MA. degree in Egyptology “Ancient Egyptian Religion”, 2003.
- PH.D degree in Egyptology “Ancient Egyptian Language”, 2011.
Present Position:
Deputy of Kafer Ash-Sheikh Local Museum “under construction”- Ministry of Antiquities-Egypt(before Supreme Council of Antiquities. SCA – Egypt.
Past Positions:
- Director of Lower Egypt Archaeological Sites Management. Supreme Council of Antiquities – Egypt.
- Inspector of Kafer Ash-Sheikh Inspectorate Area. Supreme Council of Antiquities – Egypt.
- Librarian, Ministry of Education – Egypt.
- He works before as Inspector in Kafer Ash-Sheikh Antiquities Area, later as Director of Delta Site Management, for the Supreme Council of Antiquities – Egypt.
- Beside this he was Assistant Lecturer of Ancient Egyptian Language & Archaeology, Egyptology Department, Kafer Ash Sheikh University.
- In 2012-2013 he works Lecturer at the Higher Institute for Hotel & Tourism Management, Hurghada-Egypt.
Working / Management Experience:
Lecturer of Ancient Egyptian language and Archaeology-The Higher Institute for Hotel&Tourism Management in Hurghada-Egypt.
Participated in:
- Excavations of “Tell Abu-Sefi” North Sinai- Egypt by the Supreme Council of Antiquities – 1995.
- Excavations of “KA-m-Hst” tomb at Saqqara-Egypt by Australian Center for Egyptology Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, 2000.
- Excavation of German Archaeological Institute a “Tell El-Fara’n (Buto), Kafer Ash-Sheikh – Egypt, 2008.
- Excavation of AERA at “Hnt-Kaw-s cemetery”, Giza – Egypt, 2009.
- Illustration field works for Excavation at “Tell El-Fara’n (Buto), Kafer Ash-Sheikh – Egypt by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, 2009.
Professional Address:
Kafer Ash-Sheikh Local Museum – Sanaa Garden-Kafer Ash-Sheikh Governorate – Egypt.


TATJANA KOPRIVICA, from Montenegro:

- 1999: “Art History”, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy.
- 2007: “General History of European Medieval Art”, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, M. Phil.
- 2009: PhD student, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy; PhD theses “The Architecture of Late Antique Doclea. Possibilities of Reconstruction”, Mentor: prof. Ivan Stevović, PhD.
Present Position:
Senior Researcher, Historical Institute of Montenegro, University of Montenegro, Podgorica.
Working / Management Experience:
- 2001: Researcher, Historical Institute of Montenegro.
- 2009 – present: Head of the Department for International Cooperation in Historical Institute of Montenegro.
- 2012 – present: Teaching Assistant, Master studies, History, History of Culture and Historical Anthropology, University of Montenegro.
Professional Address:
Historical Institute of Montenegro
Bulevar revolucije 5
81 000 Podgorica


CHOKRI TOUIHRI, from Tunisia:

Registration Sixth year PhD in History of Art and Archaeology: “The future of ancient cities during the High Middle Ages, with a few examples of the High Tell and the Tunisian Dorsal” in regime of “cotutelle” under the direction of Mr Adnan Louhichi, General Director at the National Heritage Institute (Tunisia) and Mr Jean-Pierre Van StaĂ«vel, professor at the Sorbonne University – Paris IV (France).
Present Position:
Research Associate at the National Heritage Institute (Institut National du Patrimoine), Tunis.
Working / Management Experience:
- Project coordinator of the archaeological map of Tunisia (Directorate: Samir Aounallah)
- Coordination and Chief areas of archaeological excavations, in Tunisia (Zama, Agger, Carthage, Kerkuane, Sabra, Neapolis, HaĂŻdra, Seressi, Abthugnos) and in Morocco (Igiliz, near Taroudant).
- Participation and cooperation in many international archaeological projects (Zama Regia, Althiburos, Chimtou, etc.).
- Ceramic expertise.
Professional Address:
Institut National du Patrimoine
04 place du Château, Bab Mnara. Tunis, Tunisie


RADWA ZAKI, from Egypt:

- Preparing the PhD study in the Tour guiding – Alexandria University, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Philosophy of “The reused Architectural Elements in the Islamic Architecture in Cairo”.
- Pre-PhD Study with a CGPA B+ Grade 2012-2013.
- Master Degree in the Tour guiding – Alexandria University, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels 2011 (The Scientific Achievement of Ancient Alexandria School in the Greco-Roman Period).
Present Position:
Research Specialist.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Calligraphy Center (November 2008 – present).
Working / Management Experience:
- Supervision and editing in the digital project of “The Digital Library of Inscriptions and Calligraphies.
- Supervision of several scientific international conferences and workshops.
- Assistant Editor essays, such as the Annual Report of Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2011 – “Reading the Maya Glyphs” (Arabic Version).
Professional Address:
P.O. Box 138 – Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Egypt.